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5 Classic Father’s Day Gifts

June 02, 2019 Kimberly Rushton

From being a constant pillar of strength during difficult times, to making your family laugh hysterically with his terrible jokes: Dad is a vital part of your life and we take Father’s Day very seriously. So what do you get for the man who has it all? Have no fear, The Impractical Pig is here! 

Read on for 5 Classic Father’s Day gifts that he will appreciate and love this year!

1. Daddy-O Productions - The Original Fish Feet Shoes

Daddy-O Productions The Original Fish Feet Shoes are for the not-so-serious Sad who can take a laugh and walk around in literal bass flip flops. They’re fun, they’re quirky, and they work PERFECTLY for the outdoorsman in your life. 

You can take them fishing, camping, or RVing - wear them as shower shoes - heck, wear them everywhere JUST to embarrass the kids. They are weatherproof, made from soft ABS plastic, and come in a variety of colors and sizes

2. Daddy-O Productions - Hey! Cool Wallet!

This is a pretty common Father’s Day gift, but why would The Impractical Pig just bring you something common? That’s a snooze-fest. Enter: Daddy-O Productions Hey! Cool Wallet! Collection.

Our colorful wallets are made to be slim and durable. They feature different currencies from around the world and are made of coated canvas. 

Don’t be boring this year. Get Dad a wallet that people point out and say… “Hey! Cool Wallet!”

3. Entertainment Earth - Superhero Chair Capes

Dad is the fixer, the doer, the worker, and the mover! Why not show him that he’s your families superhero this year? Our Entertainment Earth Superhero Chair Capes are exactly what they sound like: Superhero capes for the back of your chair.

We have Batman, Superman, and Deadpool available right now!

4. Education Outdoors -National Parks Jigsaw Puzzles

Along with The Original Fish Feet Shoes, Education Outdoors Frank Lee Ruggles Puzzles are a wonderful gift for a Dad who loves the outdoors. Puzzles can be a family activity, and keep your Dad entertained for hours.

Did you know you can even frame puzzles and hang them up in the house? What better way to say I love you than one of our three National Park puzzles? 

5. Coaster Dynamix - CDX Roller Coaster Kit

If you built any sort of lego set with your Dad, you NEED to get him this. CDX rollercoasters, or Coaster Dynamix building kits, allow you to make workable roller coasters with Lego compatible parts.

It’ll be a fun… yet modern blast from the past for everyone!