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How to Host The Perfect Summer Game Night

May 27, 2019 Kimberly Rushton

Are you ready for the all-knowing guide to hosting the perfect game night this summer? Read on and find out from The Impractical Pig how you can top your friends and host the most entertaining, and fun party!

  1. Get the Right Party Food 
    1. We suggest pigs in a blanket, chips ’n dip, and something a little sweet to satisfy the tummies of your guests. Check out our Pinterest page for more game-night inspired food!
  2. Tunes for the Mood
    1. You can’t have a party without fun tunes! There are plenty of Spotify playlists that will get the party started. You can also check out YouTube for free music. Another fun competition: Invite your guests to create a playlist for the night. Judge their music selection and give a prize to the person with the best music taste! 
  3. Pick Out 2 Games
    1. Oftentimes, I find that people will ask party-goers to bring a board game. If you have 10 people coming over, you’re going to have a heck of a lot of games to get through! As the host, pick a couple of games that you know you’ll be able to get through in a reasonable amount of time. The best way to do this is to read your audience! Do you have a lot of jokesters? Are your friends more in to strategy? Or is it fast and easy peasy for your tribe? Here are a few suggestions from The Impractical Pig Archives:
      1. Raunchy
        1. Sinful Cinema 
        2. Hashtag It
        3. Gutterhead
      2. Funny
        1. Game Night In A Can
        2. Redneck RoadKill RC
        3. Trunk of Drunk
      3. Strategy
        1. EXIT Games
      4. Family Fun
        1. RoadTrip Board Game
        2. Toasted or Roasted
        3. The Floor Is Lava
  4. Theme It Out
    1. If you pick one game, make a theme around it. If you’re going to play The Floor Is Lava, make your game night volcano themed. If you’re doing to do Hashtag it, make your game night social media themed. The possibilities are endless
  5. Take Pics and HAVE FUN! 
    1. The entire point of a game night is to spend some time together, in a cost effective way. You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy a few drinks and hours with your friends. Take pictures, make game night a regular activity, and make some memories!