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The Impractical Pig Brings Out "Old Time” Feels

June 02, 2019 Kimberly Rushton

While we all love fresh and new items, isn’t is nice when something new brings back old memories? A few of our products were made just for this reason! Take a look at our favorite nostalgic gifts that you can give today.

  1. RoadTrip Board Game

Daddy-O Production RoadTrip Board Game has been featured multiple times on Kampgrounds of America’s Holiday Gift Guides, Sisters On The Fly, Asheville Glamping, and EVEN Little Debbie snack packaging. It’s won multiple awards in the toy industry, and most importantly, it’s brought smiles to families for over a decade.

The best part of this game? It SCREAMS retro Americana with its RV tin packaging and Route 66 aesthetic. The game was actually made as a nod to family cross country trips in the back of station wagons. I know that you can hear “Are we there yet!?” right now. 

Take a trip down memory lane with this classic word game.

  1. Family Feud

Did you know that the famous TV game show Family Feud has been airing for 43 years!? Yep - It’s been going on for THAT LONG! At this point, it’s woven into our culture, and obviously, we’ve got the board games to prove it.

Endless Games has made multiple board games based off of the old and new Family Feud eras. From Richard Dawson to the magical mustached man, Steve Harvey. 

 For an authentic “vintage” feel, check out their 40th Anniversary Family Feud Edition board game, complete with an ‘original’ design scorecard! 

  1. CDX Rollercoasters

Our favorite thing about Coaster Dynamix is the lego feel that the rollercoasters have to them. I think we can all safely say that we’ve created and stepped on a few legos in our lifetime. With CDX, you build modern rollercoasters with lego compatible blocks.

You can expand these rollercoasters and truly build a structure of your dreams. The sky is the limit and so is the creativity!

  1. ‘Mack Is Back’ T-shirts

Now, this is a more regional throwback - but if you grew up in North Carolina (or North Cack, as we say), you know who Mack Brown is. 

For those of you who didn’t grow up here, long story short: He is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill football coach that was head coach from 1988-1997. When UNC fired Larry Fedora, guess who they hired back? You guessed it: Mack Brown.

The Impractical Pig is a Tar Heel company, so we saw an opportunity and… ran with it. 

Represent the old and new era of Mack Brown with your very own The Original Mack Is Back T-Shirt!