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Ann Williams

Craft Crush Dream Catcher Kit

Craft Crush Dream Catcher Kit-Craft-The Impractical Pig

The fun part about this 36" tall dream catcher is you make it, you decide where to hang it and you take all the credit. From modern to traditional, its creamy color and sculptural aesthetics will add pop and become a center of interest to any room. Why, you won’t need any other art…or an interior designer.

• Kit includes 40 yards of fabric strips, 13 yards of polyester thread, 1 9" hoop, 1 piece of craft paper, 7 feathers, 14.5 yards of acrylic yarn.  

• Hang it in a corner, on a wall or from a window to wake up a room!

• It’s a dream to make.

AGES 13+
$ 32.00