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NEW Mouthguard Challenge Extreme Edition

NEW Mouthguard Challenge Extreme Edition-Game-Identity Games-The Impractical Pig
NEW Extreme Edition with 1,100 MORE CHALLENGE CARDS!
Identity Games presents the original Mouthguard Challenge game as featured on the Alex Mandel vlog. The Mouthguard Challenge Family and Party Game includes everything you need to play this hilarious and fun game: 51 challenges, revenge cards, and 6 cheek mouthguards. Contains not only speak out phrases, but also more "extreme" challenges.
  • Created by Alex Mandel , Family Friendly Content: 2 - 6 Players / Ages: 16 and up
  • The authentic "Mouthguard Challenge" game as seen on Youtube
  • More game content to be released online on Mouthguard Challenge's Facebook page!

$ 16.50