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Sinful Cinema

Sinful Cinema-Game-The Impractical Pig
Sinful Cinema asks one simple question:

Who can come up with the best porn parody titles for Hollywood's finest films?!

You've heard of the famous ones, like Pulp FrictionForrest Hump, and Shaving Ryan's Privates -- now it's your turn to add to their legacy.
Each round, every player submits a porn parody title for a specific movie.

One judge picks the funniest.

And points are also awarded if your title matches the actual parody created by the porn industry (or our team of comedy writers)
You'll never know JUST how perverted your mind is -- and your friends' minds are -- until you play this game. And everyone will get wet. From tears of laughter, of course.

Ages 18+
4+ players, the more the better
$ 18.00