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Toasted or Roasted Game

Toasted or Roasted Game-Games-The Impractical Pig

Starting your campfire is the very first step. Toasting three marshmallows is the goal (if only they were real!).

You may know how to start a fire, but here's how you toast your marshmallows:

Each player receives a double-sided firewood/campfire disk, a double-sided toasting stick/fork and 4 cards. Draw a card and hope it's a Fire Starter card. Or, if you got lucky, you might have one in your hand. Marshmallows cannot be toasted unless the fire is started.

When you play a Fire Starter card, turn over your disk so the Campfire side is facing up. Draw a raw marshmallow card and place it on your roasting stick. Play and draw, discard and cross your fingers... if you draw a Toasted card - yummy! - you're marshmallow is SAFE.

Watch out! Toasting marshmallow isn't without its strategy and mishap.

Offensive Play!
Strong wind is instant action. Play out of turn and blow out your opponents campfire.
Rain must be played on your turn, but is effective in smouldering the flames.
Roasty! is played in-turn and burns your opponents marshmallow to a crisp.

With a cardboard picnic table for a board, this game brings summertime camping inside the house.

Offensive and defensive strategy... children come back for s'more marshmallow roasting.

Toasted or Roasted Game

  • An offensive/defensive game of marshmallow roasting
  • Encourage simple strategy, interactive fun
  • Be the first to toast 3 marshmallows
  • Instant Play cards, rain and roast card for offensive play
  • Includes: 4 firewood/campfire disks, 4 toasting stick/toasting fork disks, 10 fire starter cards, 16 marshmallow cards, 16 toasted cards, 8 roasted cards, 2 rain cards, 2 strong wind cards, picnic table board
  • Game instructions
  • Re-sealing bag for storage


    $ 15.50