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Identity Games

Who's The Dude? Party Game

Who's The Dude? Party Game-Games-The Impractical Pig


Identity Games presents the original 'Who's The Dude?' blow up party game. The life size Dude is your best friend in this hilarious party game! Perform as many charades as you can until the 45 seconds are up. Act out movie scenes, professions, love ballads and other ridiculous activities. The other players have to guess what you’re doing with the Dude!

Comes with:
  • Inflatable Life-size dude
  • 440 charades
  • Score sheets
  • Ways to play
Download the app for a timer and even more fun extras!
How to Play:
Start the timer end grab the first card. Read the underlined sentence aloud. For example: “What are we doing?” or “What sport is this?”. Act out (without sound) what’s on the card together with the Dude, until somebody guesses the right answer. The player who performed the charades receives 1 point for every card.
The player with the most points after 4 rounds wins the game.
$ 30.00