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Craft Crush Yarn Tree Kit

Craft Crush Yarn Tree Kit-Ann Williams-The Impractical Pig

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hang jewelry or just want a cool decorative piece, this is it. It’s so beautiful and unlike anything you’ve seen. You just wrap the 20” wire tree with our cream-colored yarn and then take the embroidery thread and wrap it wherever you wish on the branches and trunk. You can mix the thread up for a really colorful tree or keep it more subtle and modern-toned. It’s up to you to decide what kind of wrap star you want to be.

• Kit includes one 20” wire tree, 73 yards of acrylic yarn and 110 yards of cotton thread. 

• Make this and watch the compliments grow!

• Perfect place to hang necklaces or bracelets—or set it out as a decorative piece. 

AGES 13+
$ 31.99