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Rock And Roll It - Drum

Rock And Roll It - Drum-Instrument-The Impractical Pig

Rock And Roll It - Drum. Flexible, Completely Portable, battery OR USB powered, 2 Drum Sticks + Bass Drum & Hi hat pedal included!

  • Drum is flexible so when you're done playing, you can roll it back up into its box for storage
  • Can be powered by batteries OR USB (cord included) so you can play anytime, anywhere!
  • Features multiple drum sounds, professional demos, instrumental accompaniment tracks, record & playback, audio input & output (listen through any headphone or external speaker), connects to MP3
  • Includes 2 drum sticks and pedals for the bass drum & hi hat - giving the feel of playing a real drum!
  • Perfect for everyone from beginner to master, children to adults - rock out then roll it up!
  • Rock out, then roll it up! Award winning, flexible, completely portable drum by Mukikim with 2 drum sticks + 2 pedals. 
  • 6.5 x 12.75 x 7.75
  • 2 lbs
$ 69.00