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3 for $19.99 LIVE Cactus Key Chain

3 for $19.99 LIVE Cactus Key Chain-keychain-Feel Green USA-The Impractical Pig

Plantochis are REAL living cacti and succulents. They grow in a small capsule which works like a greenhouse. Plantochis can be used as key chains, cell phone charms, or as an accessory for your bag! These real cactus key chains are very frugal. All they need to grow is a few hours of light a day (artificial light is fine) and a few drops of water once a month. To water just place your Cactus Key Chain in a very shallow bowl of water and let it sit there for about 15 minutes. And when your little friend outgrows its mobile greenhouse (after about 8-12 months) you can just re-pot it in a flower pot. This is a blind box order, meaning our team (along with Oliver) will chose which cactus plants you get. ;) 

*D: 0.67 x H: 1.6 inches

$ 24.99