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Find It: Eww Gross

Find It: Eww Gross-Game-The Impractical Pig
Is that a “booger” next to the “road kill”? “Ear wax” on top of the “scab”??? Feel the spiders creep between your sheets, as bad breath permeates the air … All in our new “Eww, Gross”! version of the Find It® Game!
In the newest edition of Find It®, search for 40 Gross items in a sea of colored pellets. Upset your friends and show them what you’ve found!

Let’s face it - kids just love gross things. While parents love the attention benefits of Find It®. “Eww, Gross”! offers the best of both worlds in one fun package.

Package includes the Find It® Eww Gross game, playing cards and the Ways to play. An educational game for 1 or 2 players, age 6 and up.

Find It® Games promote Focus & Concentration! Find something big, something small, something fast or slow, stinky or slimy. Hours of fun for all ages!
$ 22.00