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Find It: Where's Waldo?

Find It: Where's Waldo?-Puzzles-The Impractical Pig

Where’s Waldo? began his journey in 1987. Waldo loves traveling the world and blending in with crowds. His distinctive red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses make him easy to recognize.

 Waldo’s adventures have brought him to the beach, outer space, to other worlds and throughout time. 

Find Waldo, his friends Wenda, Woof and Wizard Whitebeard, his foe Odlaw and all the items from the checklist along the way. 

In the newest edition of Find It®, search for 40 Waldo items in a sea of colored pellets.

Package includes the Find It® Where’s Waldo? game, playing cards and the Ways to play. An educational game for one or more players to enjoy whether you are 6 or 106!

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$ 27.00