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Microbes Attack!

Microbes Attack!-Game-Daddy-O Games-The Impractical Pig
Microbes Attack by Find It Games. Recommended for ages 7 years and up. Puzzle Game of Placing Microbes Correctly in A Dish. Encourages Fine Motor Skills, Visual Thinking, Problem Solving. Kids and Adults Love the Challenge of Stopping the Microbe Invasion. Place Microbes in Dish AS Indicated - Try and Fill Blank Space With Remaining Microbes. 107 Challenges in 8 Levels of Difficulty. Difficulty Ranges From Easy (Freshman Bio Major) To Extremely Difficulty (Phd). Fun Design With Realistic Petri Dish, Colorful Microbe Pieces. Includes Petri Dish, 12 Microbe Pieces, Petri Dish Lid. Detailed Instructions and Challenges, Included. Solutions and More Challenges Can Be Found Online. High-Quality Construction With Strong Materials - the Best Scientists Need the Best Tools
$ 16.50