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Redneck RoadKill RC

Raging Bull Redneck Roadkill RC Game

Raging Bull Redneck Roadkill RC Game-Games-The Impractical Pig

Redneck Roadkill has the looks of authentic beat-up pick up trucks including:  rusted looking fenders, hand-weathered body paint (no two trucks are the same), license plates, custom grill, beefy off-road tires and independent working suspension.  Spec out your own with redneck bumper stickers! Race the clock! Race yer buddies!  Squash the squirrel, (I hate those little critters–tasty tho), waste the skunk and maul the armadillo!


  • 1/24th scale, battery operated and with the authentic look of a weathered beat-up pickup truck
  • Full function remote controller allows users to drive in forward, reverse, left and right
  • Comes with 3 foam (2.75” high) break-apart varmints. Easy to reassemble for endless play
  • Customize your pickup with 10 extra self-adhering bumper sticker and truck Ding decals
  • Includes instructions and rules for 5 mother trucking’-varmint smashing’ games


$ 29.99