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Our Story

The Impractical Pig Vee and TomBasically:
We live and work on a farm in Castle Hayne, North Carolina. Our mascot is Oliver, the pot bellied pig, that runs the place with his attitude and grunts. We've used his character to launch this website, The Impractical Pig. We're a team of people, who have been in the toy, gift, and game industry a combined total of 40 years. We travel all over the place, looking for cool items to bring to... you guessed it, YOU. So sit back, relax, and enjoy The Impractical Pig.

Here's Tom's mumbo jumbo about what our company really means: What we are lucky enough to do is, live life, and while doing so, we do what most of you do in some shape or form. We go to work, we do our jobs, fight traffic, check in at airports, fly to some city for a meeting, sit in a rental car shuttle, Google map our way to our “preferred” hotel chain (gotta love those points), go to a 1 hour meeting that we prepped 20 hours for, high-five when that prep works and push back a few celebratory pints…then fly somewhere else and start all over again. Our journeys take us from Castle Hayne, NC to Snohomish, WA and to trade shows from Guangzhou, China to Dingle, Ireland, my favorite city name ever.

And while doing that, we get married, go grocery shopping, move into houses (shed roommates), raise families…be them kids, dogs, cats, beta fish, hedge hogs, or even potbelly pigs, and hope that how we’re doing it is the way it’s supposed to be done. All you parents of any species, be you Millennial or Octogenarian, will understand.

What we hope makes us different, is that during what we call “living life”, we strive to keep our “eyes wide open”, as opposed to that Cruise movie that none of us really “got”.

So, “Who Are We?”

We’re young and we’re not as young, we’re moms, dads, kids, grandkids, uncles, aunts and best friends and sometimes, not so much. Anyone who has been lucky enough to work with friends, know exactly what that means. We make each other crazy and then hug it out.

We’re from Washington state. North Carolina, Philly, Jersey, Oregon, Maryland, Texas, the Outer Banks, and several stops in between.

We’ve worked as a teacher, toilet paper salesman, newspaper delivery guy,

bartender, server, U.S. Marine, furniture designer, importer, nurse, yellow page salesman, burger flipper, painter (house not canvas), Gap Store manager, English Teacher in South Korea, push cart operator, car washer, Uber driver, nail banger, and toy designer/manufacturer,…and during all those stops, we kept our…"Eyes Wide Open."

We know what we like, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we watch to see what OTHER PEOPLE like. And then, we bring it to you on The Impractical Pig, or as you now know it – theimpracticalpig.com

We have access to literally (thanks Chris Traeger) hundreds of thousands of products across so many categories – Toys & Games, Gifts, Furniture, Apparel, Publishing, Recreation, Sporting Goods et al. Our Goal – to sort through them and offer the favorites to you.

Please check in often, as you never know what you’ll find here, but you’ll like what you see. It might be quirky, cute, mainstream or from a local artisan, a bestseller from TV or something you just say…'WOW, where the hell did they find that!?' We promise you this, it will never be boring, maybe impractical, but never boring.

Sincere thanks for checking out TheImpracticalPig.com Please come back often and if you don’t see what you want, let us know…we’ll find it somewhere in our journeys.