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  • We ship from 2 locations: Castle Hayne, North Carolina and our warehouse in the state of Washington.
  • This being the case, we strive to get product picked, packed, and out the door as fast as possible
  • Typically, product will ship between 1-3 days depending on when you order during the week
    • If ordering from local artists, shipping times will vary - we work individually with each artist
    • Typically it is a 2 week turn around 
  • FREE SHIPPING included with domestic orders
  • We travel the world, so we ship worldwide - We strive to keep shipping costs, as cost effective as possible. We have partnered with Shopify and USPS to make this happen
  • If you have a question about shipping, please reach out to us
  • During holiday 11/24-12/20 - shipping times vary and most product will be at your home within a week