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'A Brunswick Beach' Art Print

'A Brunswick Beach' Art Print-Heather Divoky-The Impractical Pig

'A Brunswick Beach' captures the coastal life in a new, captivating way. Available in 3 standard sizes, this print is begging to be hung in the beach goer's living room! The original is a hand-drawn work of art using pen, ink, marker, and colored pencil on paper. It was inspired by a photograph at Holden Beach in Southeastern North Carolina. This art reproduction can be printed on a high quality giclee print, which uses archival ink on the finest caliber of paper. 'A Brunswick Beach' is a limited run of 15 releases per size, so grab your flip flops and this piece asap! Allow 5-7 days for shipping.

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Heather Divoky is an artist living and working in Wilmington, North Carolina. She has worked in the Arts as a creator, curator, historian, designer, and administrator. Heather’s art has shown in Nashville, the Netherlands, and all over North Carolina. Her primary concern is story-telling through great detail and color. She frequently uses her environment and its history as an inspiration, obsessively researching a subject until she is ready to illustrate it. Divoky works with marker, ink, wire, and stained glass, although she is always trying new media and techniques.

*Frame not included

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$ 31.50