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CAMP Travel Edition Board Game

CAMP Travel Edition Board Game-Games-Education Outdoors-The Impractical Pig

The Award winning CAMP Travel Edition is very compact and mobile, with a unique design. Up to 4 multi-level players, and has fun "setback" and "move forward" features. All new outdoor trivia cards, with vibrant full color images, includes content highlighting all 50 states.

Chose which level you'd like to play at (1=beginner; 4=expert) and answer the questions to be the first player back to the campfire. Each question will be as difficult as the level you decided to play at. Every one can play: Ages 4-24! Watch out for the broken bridge and slippery set-backs!

Game Includes:
• 50 question cards
• 4 game pieces
• 4 level cards
• Decoder
• Spinner
• Re-sealable travel bag

$ 14.30