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Frida Kahlo Action Figure

Frida Kahlo Action Figure-Collectible-The Impractical Pig

A must have for Frida Kahlo fans, this action figure features the artist’s signature braids and unibrow, topped off with a floral-scented hairband. Endorsed by the Frida Kahlo Corporation, she comes with a mini cutout easel that can be used to showcase one of four included illustrations, inspired by the artist. Learn even more about Frida Kahlo with 10 interesting facts artistically displayed on the box. Frida Kahlo fans will recognize the parrot (Bonito), monkey and surrealist heart. Perfect for showcasing on a bookshelf or in a painter’s studio. Created by Today Is Art Day, an online community that turns history’s celebrated artists into fun, educational action figures. Collect them all.

  • Comes with monkey, removable parrot (Bonito) and Surrealist heart
  • Frida Kahlo figurine is 5 inches tall
  • Intended for ages 12 and up; includes small parts
$ 35.00