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Gutterhead-Games-The Impractical Pig
Gutterhead – The Fiendishly Filthy Drawing Game

HILARIOUS ADULT PARTY GAME that's like the naughty love child of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity
DRAW, MIME, GUESS over 240 fiendishly filthy words and phrases such as
"Teabagging", "Wet Dream", "Camel Toe," and a bunch of other stuff too outrageous to write here
TEAMS COMPETE HEAD-TO-HEAD in a race to the end of the board which will swiftly expose the depraved minds of your so-called "innocent" friends
SUITABLE FOR 4-16 PLAYERS. Play time 30-60 mins. Rules take just 90 seconds to learn. All players are involved at all times. Includes optional drinking game rules
"INCREDIBLE" - UNILAD. This adult board game guarantees gut-busting laughter at your next dinner party, pre-drinks, hen party, stag do, Christmas party, adult games night or boozy social

How To Play: 

Gutterhead is played in teams. The first player picks up a card, reads the word on it and shows the card to one player from each of the other teams
3, 2, 1... GO
The players who have seen the card must now draw the word to their teammates. Teammates shout out their guesses as the drawings develop. The first team to guess correctly wins the round, rolls the dice, moves forward and picks up a new card. The first team to the finish line wins


  • 240 Playing cards divided into 5 categories (Person/Place, Object, Action, Feeling/Sensation, Naughty or Nice)
  • Game board, dice, and rules
  • 4 Whiteboards and dry-wipe pens
  • 4 Poo-shaped playing pieces
$ 34.00