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Mid-Century Modern 1:12 scale Miniature Ball/Pod Chair

Mid-Century Modern 1:12 scale Miniature Ball/Pod Chair-Miniatures-The Impractical Pig
Yo, yo, Daddy-O!  Have a seat - literally.  Straight out of the "Mad Men" era, these incredibly detailed retro miniatures represent the best of the mid century era.  From the iconic lounger, to the sleek "shell rocker", each of these ABS collectibles are an awesome gift for the retro fan in your life.  And at a 1:12 scale, these gems are perfect for the hipster dollhouse.  
Each miniature chair comes in authentic colors from the era, and features fine details like wood grain and textured "fabrics." Our chairs are each sold individually - pick up one for your friend, and one for your office.  You'll be the coolest cat around!
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