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Nativity Pop Up Advent Calendar

Nativity Pop Up Advent Calendar-Advent Calendar-The Impractical Pig

The story of the nativity lusciously illustrated on a 3D pop-up Advent Calendar. The dimensions are 11.75 x 11″.with surprise images in every window as you count the days till Christmas. Give this classic Christmas story as a gift or begin a new family tradition this year.

Count down the days to Christmas with an Advent. For almost a century, Advents have become a way to share the joy and the anticipation of Christmas. Everyday there's a new surprise. Exchange them with family, friends, and have one in your own home to enjoy! Hidden beneath each of the 24 windows is a delightful surprise. Start on December 1st and open one window each day, beginning with 1. Open the last window on Christmas Eve.

$ 18.00