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Natural Flower Mobile

Natural Flower Mobile-Katie Parker Art-The Impractical Pig
Like some of my other pieces this mobile came about by accident. I was busy folding paper flowers for kusudama balls to take with me to a craft fair. My 2 year old daughter came up to me and asked to have some of the flowers I was making. To placate her I told her I would make her some when I had finished my last ball. When I went to make her the flowers, I chose to make big ones so she could hold onto them more easily. But as I was folding them I started thinking that she would just end up destroying the flowers being that she is only 2. So I started to think of different ways she could have them but not destroy them. Then it occurred to me that I had a mobile kit I still had not used. So after I made enough flowers I clipped them into the mobile. I put up hook in her room and hung it up and we both loved it!! She gets to look at it every night and enjoy it. So I thought more little girls might like to have some beautiful flowers for their rooms too!

This paper flower mobile is made of flowers in beautiful traditional origami paper designs and printed on brown kraft origami paper. Each flower is made of 5 individual sheets of paper folded into a petal. The 5 petals are then glued together to make the flower. Once all 10 flowers are made ivory ribbon is glued to the top to attach the flowers to the mobile. A total of 50 sheets of origami paper are used to make the flowers. Each flower takes about 15 minutes to fold and put together.

Total length of this origami flower mobile is approx. 26" long and total width of the mobile is approx. 17". Individual flowers are approx. 4 1/2" long and 5" wide.

Mobile has a loop on the top for easy hanging from a hook in the ceiling, so it can displayed over a crib, mobile arm on the crib, over a changing table or anywhere really!
$ 55.00