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Patterned Star Mobile

Patterned Star Mobile-Origami-Katie Parker Art-The Impractical Pig
My dear friend was pregnant and going to have a boy. I wanted to give her a mobile as a gift but she didn't want flowers for her boy. I suggested stars (they are one of my favorite) and she loved the idea. I learned how the make these stars a few years ago but just hadn't had the chance to do anything with them. So I set about to figuring out the logistics. I finally settled on 3 stars to a string in 3 different sizes. 

This paper star mobile has 3 strings of stars that are approx. 3 inches, 4 inches & 5 inches in size. They have white ribbon glued on to hang them from the embroidery hoop which is painted white. 

Total length of this Star mobile is approx. 47" long and total width of the mobile is approx. 7".  For this paper star mobile I decided to use fun patterned paper in yellow, red, green, orange and blues. The patterns can be polka dot, hounds tooth, striped, chevron, or honeycomb.

This star mobile has a loop on the top for easy hanging from a hook in the ceiling, so it can displayed over a crib or a changing table or anywhere really
$ 32.00