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Red Pickup Truck Advent Calendar

Red Pickup Truck Advent Calendar-Advent Calendar-The Impractical Pig

An apple red pickup truck and a snowman are featured in this lovely illustrated Red Pickup Truck Advent Calendar. It’s 15″ 11″ with surprise images in every window as you count the days till Christmas! Give this Christmas classic as a gift or begin a new family tradition every year. 

Count down the days to Christmas with an Advent. For almost a century, Advents have become a way to share the joy and the anticipation of Christmas. Everyday there's a new surprise. Exchange them with family, friends, and have one in your own home to enjoy! Hidden beneath each of the 24 windows is a delightful surprise. Start on December 1st and open one window each day, beginning with 1. Open the last window on Christmas Eve.

$ 11.00