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Sheet Music Origami Ball

Sheet Music Origami Ball-Katie Parker Art-The Impractical Pig
Kusudama balls are made by folding a single sheet of origami paper into a "petal" for the five petal flower. Once five petals are folded they are combined with glue to form the flower. 12 flowers (60 petals) are needed to make the kusudama ball.  I inherited my Nana’s old 60’s & 70’s piano and song books and thought the sheet music would make for a beautiful origami ornament.

This beautiful kusudama ball ornament was made with a mixture of beautiful vintage sheet music, hymnals, piano books and song book music (a mix of my Nana’s old piano books & any old music I can salvage from going to the dump).  This ornament comes with a red ribbon for hanging. This sheet music ornament piece is approx. 4 inches in diameter. Approximate ribbon length is 3 inches.
$ 29.00