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Sunshine Bouquet

Sunshine Bouquet-Katie Parker Art-The Impractical Pig
I love origami paper and folding origami kusudama flowers. I fold kusudama flowers for several other items in my shop and have always thought about folding a bunch of flowers for a bouquet. I finally had a good excuse when my mom had double knee replacement surgery recently. Instead of buying her a traditional flower bouquet that would die after a few days I decided I would finally try out my origami flower bouquet idea. It came out great and she loved it along with every nurse, medical assistant, and physical therapist that came into her room. So here is a different version of the paper flower bouquet that I made for her!

This sunshine flower bouquet comes with 12 origami flowers in a beautiful mix of traditional and kimono patterned origami paper mixed with solid colors in sunny shades of yellow, red and orange.
Each flower is made by folding 5 individual sheets of paper into "petals" and gluing them together to make a flower. Each flower takes about 10-15 minutes to fold and put together. I also use a special technique to finish off the edges of each flower so that they have a nice rounded edge. I then bend the floral wire for each flower to make the center and stem. This bouquet comes in a clear glass vase. Due to availability the style and size of the vase may vary but it will always be clear glass.

The flowers are approx. 2 inches wide. The vase is 7 inches long and 3 inches wide at the widest part. The total height of the vase with flowers is approx. 10 inches and 6 inches wide. 
$ 35.00