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The Original Slappys

The Original Slappys-Games-The Impractical Pig

Hit your unsuspecting friends with a SLAPPY and they have to do what it says…then it's their turn to pass it on!  The Original SLAPPYS is the viral slap bracelet party game with crazy dares and challenges to pass around.  With fun, bold and even embarrassing challenges like "Shake someone's hand WITHOUT letting go"; "Sing I'm a Little Teapot" with all of the action"; and "Constantly interrupt everyone" the Original SLAPPYS are an instant party favorite.  Great for a college soiree, after-school get together, shaking up the office or anywhere you and your friends want to SLAP a little more fun into the situation!  Display Contents:  5 sets of each of 3 different series.  Each series contains 8 slap bracelets.  For 4 or more players.  Ages 9-99.

$ 15.00