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Wombat Narwhal - Pouch

Wombat Narwhal - Pouch-Emily Martian-The Impractical Pig

Carry around a handy original Emily Martian designed pouch like a Narwhal carries around a Wombat. Did you know that wombats poop in cubes? True story.

Your cosmetics, gadgets, medications, and random personal effects are important to you, so they should be kept happy. These nifty pouches are a wonderful way to flaunt your style while holding your day to day essentials. These bags are great for personal use and make great gifts!
- Durable polyester fabric
- Zippered for easy access
- Zippered interior pocket
- Dimensions- Large bag 9" (W) x 6" (H)

Emily was born in a log cabin in 1823 to a mule farmer. Her greatest accomplishment was swimming the English Channel wearing nothing but a zoot suit. She is a highly talented cartoonist, although she prefers to be called doodler extraordinaire and has an interesting sense of humor. Lastly she studied physics at Harvard University and is a certified rocket scientist. If you don't believe it then you've misplaced your inner child. 

But fear not! She also has a time machine!

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$ 18.50